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Air Breathing Apparatus
Aqua - ll Vacuum Control
Aqua Gas Chlorinator
Chlorine Cylinder
Chlorine Tonner
Gas Mask Respirator
Motor Driven Dosing Pump
Solenoid Driven Metering Pump
Other Products
Electro Chlorinator
Chlorine Solution dosing pump (Metering pump)
Chlorine Gas Cylinder / Tonner of 100kg. and 900kg. (Empty)
Chlorine Gas mask with canister
Air Breathing Appratus. (Duration - 30 & 45minutes)
Chlorine Gas Leakage safety kit chlorine cylinder / tonner.
Chlorine gas detector - up to 10 PPM
Chloroscope - To measure chlorine percentage in water. (2PPM & 5PPM)
Water Testing Field Kit.
Trunions & Barometric leg for Chlorine Tonner.
Bleaching Doser (8, 16, 24, 32, & 48 Gallon)
PH, Turbidity meter & conductivity meter.
Chlorine Cylinder / Tonner Valve .its clamp, Cylinder/Tonner's valve opening key.
Water Treatment Plant's spares.
Laboratory Equipment for WTP.
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