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Aqua - ll Vacuum Control
For safety reasons the system widely in use today for the purification of water supplies in a vacuum solution feed gas chlorinator. A vacuum chlorinator is much safer than a pressure chlorinator as any loss of vacuum causes the gas supply to be shut off instantly and automatically.

The principle involves mixing an auxiliary supply of water with chlorine gas. The concentrated solution of chlorine is then injected into the water.

Operation in this way, with the AQUA-II, provides as a very economic means of purifying water suppliers while maintaining a very high degree of safety and reliability.

Key Feature
  • AQUA - II incorporates many technological advanced designed to enhance long term reliability and achieve optimum performance with minimum supervision and maintenance.
  • Water & Waste Treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Water Conditioning
  • Control of Algae, Odor & Slime
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Rescirculating Water System

Method of Operation

The chlorine regulator can be mounted either on a wall or on top of the gas cylinder or container. Correct operation depends on obtaining healthy vaccum from the ejector. Water flowing through the ejector creates a vaccum which opens the inlet valve to admit the gas into the regulator. The ejector consists of a vaccum producing venturi and a spring loaded diaphragm check valve. The gas passes through the flow meter and the rate control valve and then to ejector whtere it is throughly mixed and dissolved in the water and carried to the application point as a solution.

Any vaccum failure automatically shuts of the chlorine gas and ensures that no gas escapes onto the atmosphere.

There is an automatic vent to atmosphere if pressure builf up in the regulator. if the source of chlorine gas is exhausted or the gas line plugged and excess vaccum valve in the regulator closes to prevent any moisture being pulled back into the regulator or the gas supply lines.

AQUA - II gas chlorinator and ejector are constructed fro PVC, VICTOM, Monel, Teflon, Extra duty Borosilicate Glass, Silver and Copper materials.


For correct performance of our parts for a period of 12 months.

We also supply Chlorine Cylinder 50 & 100 Kg. Cap., Chloroscope to detect chlorine percentage in water, safty.
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