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Air Breathing Apparatus
Aqua - ll Vacuum Control
Chlorine Cylinder
Chlorine Tonner
Gas Mask Respirator
Motor Driven Dosing Pump
Solenoid Driven Metering Pump
Other Products
Electro Chlorinator
Chlorine Solution dosing pump (Metering pump)
Chlorine Gas Cylinder / Tonner of 100kg. and 900kg. (Empty)
Chlorine Gas mask with canister
Air Breathing Appratus. (Duration - 30 & 45minutes)
Chlorine Gas Leakage safety kit chlorine cylinder / tonner.
Chlorine gas detector - up to 10 PPM
Chloroscope - To measure chlorine percentage in water. (2PPM & 5PPM)
Water Testing Field Kit.
Trunions & Barometric leg for Chlorine Tonner.
Bleaching Doser (8, 16, 24, 32, & 48 Gallon)
PH, Turbidity meter & conductivity meter.
Chlorine Cylinder / Tonner Valve .its clamp, Cylinder/Tonner's valve opening key.
Water Treatment Plant's spares.
Laboratory Equipment for WTP.
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