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Air Breathing Apparatus
Aqua - ll Vacuum Control
Chlorine Cylinder
Chlorine Tonner
Gas Mask Respirator
Motor Driven Dosing Pump
Solenoid Driven Metering Pump
Chlorine Tonner
Design Code Asme-Section-VIII-DIV.1 Emended 20004-05.
Design Pressure 20.771 Kg/Sq. CM [305 PSIG]
Design Temperature Suitable for Temp Up to 65/10 Degree C
Radiography 100% For all Welded Seams, By X-Ray Machine Only
Heat Treatment Fully Stress Relieved
Corrosion Allowance 1.6mm (1/6")Minimum
Water Capacity [Approx] 769.4 Kgs [1696.23 16s]
Chlorine Capacity [Approx]
Normal Capacity
916 Kgs [2019.43 16s]
Approval of Design By 1. LLYOD's Register Asia 2. Chief Controller of Explosive, Govt. Of India.
Inspection By LLYOD's Register Asia
Material of Construction C. C. Plate - SA 516 GR. 70
Shell Thickness "S" 12mm
Dished Ends Thickness "T" 14mm [Normal]
Overall Length "L" 2060 + 12mm
Diameter 774mm ID, 798mm OD
Shape of Domes Concave with Chime as per CFR 49. Both end inwar Curved
Tare Weight 625 Kgs [1377.88 16s] Approx
Education Pipe 1/2 NB SCH 80

Standard accessories to be provied with each container will be as follows. [All in fitted conditional]
  • 2 No. Valve, Size-25.4mm [1"] in accordanc with B-341-Part-1 & IS-3224
  • 2 No. Valve out let cap of brass.
  • 2 No. Brass plugs to blank the inspection opening
  • 1 No. Valve Protection bonnet
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