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Gas Mask Respirator
Useful for various industries like Sugar Mills, Refinery, Fertilizers, Textiles, Fibre, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Foundries, Steel Plant, Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Paper Mills, Milk Plant, Mining and Pesticides, Hydro Power , Thermal Power Etc.

Special Features
  • Canisters have shelf life for 5 years.
  • Same mask with flexible corrugated tubing can be used for all types of canisters.
  • No assistance required for wearing the mask.
The cansier type Gas Mask Respirators enables the users to work in Toxic Atmospheres having contamination up to 2% by volume.

Contaminated Air enters the canister from the lower end and while passing through it, the chemical fill inside the canister absorbs the dust, fumes, mist and the toxic gases from the air thus allowing safe and natural breathable air to pass to the face mask through corrugated tubing-from the upper end.
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